Frequently Asked Questions

About JioMoney

What is JioMoney?
  • Jio Money is an offering from Reliance Payment Solutions Limited, a group of Reliance Industries Limited
  • Jio Money is a new, safe and secure way of making or receiving payments digitally
  • With JioMoney, one can digitally send money to family and friends, recharge mobile or DTH, pay various bills, make instant cashless transactions at various shops, online websites and much more

How can my customer download the JioMoney App to pay me?
  • Anyone can download the JioMoney App using any Android or Apple Smartphone from the Google PlayStore or iOS App store
  • Just click on the Google PlayStore or iOS App store icon
  • Search for 'JioMoney'
  • Click on Install
  • User would have to do a quick one time registration before they can start paying using JioMoney

How can I accept payments digitally using JioMoney?
  • Accepting a payment for your business from a JioMoney customer is very simple
  • Just inform the customer about the bill amount and your JioMoney linked Mobile number
  • Your customer will enter your mobile number and the amount on his/her JioMoney Mobile application
  • As soon as your mobile number is entered on the app by the customer, the app will show your registered shop/business name on his/her app
  • Once your customer confirms, the payment will be instantly completed
  • Customer will receive payment confirmation for payment on his/her App
  • You will receive a confirmation of the payment in the form of an SMS on your Mobile
  • You can also instantly view this transaction on the ‘Transactions’ section of your JioMoney Merchant App

How can I accept payments using Credit or Debit Cards?
  • Please note that Credit and Debit Cards can be accepted only if you have been given necessary permissions for doing so, and a pinpad device has been issued to you. Currently, JioMoney is not permitting Credit/Debit Card acceptance to new merchants.
  • If you have a pinpad device with you, please turn on your pinpad device by long pressing the ‘Green’ button
  • As soon as the device starts, the pinpad screen will light up and show 'Welcome to Jio'
  • Please ensure your pinpad device is charged, and has data network
  • Please click on the button with the ‘bluetooth’ icon on your pinpad device and connect your device to the JioMoney Merchant App on your mobile phone
  • On the App, please click on the ‘Home/Sale’ button on the main menu of the App
  • Enter the amount and click on 'Proceed to Payment'
  • Select Payment method as 'Credit/Debit Card'
  • Swipe or Dip the customers card on the pinpad device
  • Request the customer to enter his secure 4 digit PIN on the pinpad device
  • Payment will be authenticated and confirmation message will be shown on your app
  • You will also receive an SMS on your mobile phone with the transaction confirmation

How Can I request a payment from a customer using the App?
  • JioMoney Merchant App has a unique functionality through which you can request a payment from a JioMoney customer
  • Open the JioMoney Merchant App on your phone
  • Enter the amount on the home screen and click on 'Proceed to Payment'
  • Click on ‘Request Payment’ on the review screen
  • Enter the Mobile number of the customer or select a contact from your phone by typing the name, and click on 'Send Request'
  • A payment request will be sent to the customer
  • The customer can approve or reject the request using his/her JioMoney App within 7 days of the date of request
  • Once the payment has been approved or rejected by the customer, you will receive a payment confirmation message on your App

My Account

How should I activate my JioMoney Merchant Account?
  • Once you have submitted your application and uploaded all the documents, your account will be instantly activated
  • You will receive an SMS with your Merchant ID and Terminal ID on completion of sign-up
  • However, we will verify all documents uploaded by you
  • If the documents are verified successfully, you would be upgraded to a full KYC customer and your monthly limits for transactions will be increased
  • You will also receive a notification via SMS/Email from us the moment your documents are verified

Can I have multiple Merchant accounts?
  • Yes, you can have multiple accounts under one mobile number registered in different merchant hierarchy with JioMoney
  • For example, you can have 1 account whereby you are the master merchant, another account where you are a terminal user under some other master merchant
  • You cannot have 2 master merchant accounts with the same mobile number
  • If you have different merchant accounts under one mobile number registered, after logging in to the App/Web portal, you will be asked to choose from different accounts, of which you wish to login

How Can I view my account limits?
  • You can view the limits for your JioMoney Merchant account at any given time on the JioMoney Merchant App or web portal
  • Click on ‘My Profile’ on the App, or 'Profile & Settings' section on the portal
  • You can see the ‘TRANSACTION LIMIT’ section on the page
  • You can view your available account limits here

How should I block or unblock my account?

There are different status types for a blocked JioMoney account which can enable certain functionalities for the account as below:

  • Block – In case the account is blocked, you will be allowed to login to the App but will not be able to view any past transactions on the app. You will not be able to perform any account changes, accept any transactions or receive settlements from JioMoney. Also, if you have any sub users in your account, all such user accounts will also be blocked. You can later unblock the account and start using it.
  • Terminate account: If the account is terminated, you will not be able to use or login for any purpose. Also, if you have any sub users in your account, all such user accounts will also be terminated. At any given point, if you want to start using JioMoney again, you will have to signup again.
  • You can Visit the JioMoney Merchant web portal and block your account or call JioMoney Merchant Care.

Transactions related

How will I receive a confirmation if a transaction is completed successfully?

You will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number confirming the transaction. You can also view the transaction on the JioMoney Merchant App.

When will the amount paid by a customer, be Credited to my Bank account/JioMoney account?

Payments through JioMoney will be transferred to your registered bank account by next day, or every 15 minutes to your JioMoney account, depending on the type of settlement chosen by you.

How can I send a payment receipt to my customers for payments made using JioMoney?
  • You can visit the 'Transactions' section of your App
  • Select the required transaction for a detailed description
  • Click on 'Send Receipt'
  • Enter the Mobile number or Email ID to which the receipt is to be sent
  • Click on 'Send'

My customer is trying to pay, however the transaction is failing

Please check with the customer whether he/she has sufficient balance in the JioMoney account. Also, check whether your customer's internet connection is working properly. If the same issue continues, you can call JioMoney Merchant Care to check the issue.

Customer has made the payment but no SMS notification received

You can also view transaction status on the JioMoney Merchant App, On the App, tap on the icon in the top right corner to open the dropdown menu. Select ‘Transaction’ and check whether payment has been received from the customer. If you are not able to view the transaction, you can check the status if the transaction is successfully completed in the customers JioMoney App.

I believe there has been a fraudulent transaction in my account.
  • For any suspicious or fraudulent transactions, please share the details of the transaction to JioMoney Merchant Care to evaluate it further.
  • If you have not given delivery of goods/services to the customer for this transaction, please hold the delivery until the issue is evaluated by JioMoney.

Mobile app related

What is the purpose of the JioMoney Merchant App?
  • Jio Money Merchant App is especially designed for retailers, businessmen or any other service providers to accept payments from JioMoney customers securely and easily.
  • With Jio Money merchant app, you can perform your day-to-day activities like accepting payments, viewing past transactions, doing refunds to your customers, changes in your profile and much more.

I have forgotten my account password. How can I reset it?

At the time of login to the App, select 'Forgot password' option and follow instructions indicated to reset the password.

I am unable to login to the app

Please check if you have sufficient mobile internet connection. Check if the username and password are correctly entered. If the password is incorrect, then you can go to the "Forgot Password" option and change your password. Use your new password to login. If you are still not able to login please contact JioMoney merchant care.

Where can I see past transaction details in the App?

Click on the icon in top right corner of the App and select ‘Transactions’ from the dropdown option to see the transactions details.

The App is crashing on my Phone.

  • Please check if there is any issue with the data network in the area that you are currently using the App
  • If there is no network issue, please check if you have the latest version of the JioMoney Merchant App on Play Store
  • If yes, try uninstalling the current app and re-install the JioMoney Merchant app from Google Play Store.
  • If you are still facing an issue, please contact JioMoney merchant care.

How should I download the latest version of JioMoney App?

  • You can find out the version of your App from Google PlayStore
  • Launch the Google PlayStore app on your phone
  • Search for JioMoney Merchant
  • Click on 'READ MORE'
  • At the bottom of the page, you would be able to see the Version number

Pin-pad device related

How do I connect the pinpad device to my phone for the first time?
  • Open the JioMoney Merchant App. Select the 'Map my device' option.
  • Turn on the Pinpad device by pressing the green button. Turn on the Bluetooth of the device by pressing the Star or Bluetooth button and then select 'Launch new pairing'
  • Click on ‘Fetch Serial Number’ on the JioMoney Merchant App
  • Enter the password shown on the JioMoney Merchant App on the PINPAD device
  • Device will get connected and serial number of the device will be fetched on the JioMoney Business App on your phone automatically. Tap Submit to complete.
  • Please wait for 5 minutes before doing your 1st transaction.

Does the Pinpad device need Internet connection?

You do not need any other internet connection for the Pinpad device as it will be paired with your mobile phone via Bluetooth and will use your phone’s internet connection.

How would I know if my payment has been successful?

You will see the success page with transaction details. You will also receive an SMS on your registered mobile number and e-mail (if registered), whenever you send/receive money. You can also view your recent transactions in the transaction history section of your app.

I have lost my pinpad device. Is there a chance of misuse?

No one can use mPOS pinpad without your login ID and Password. Pinpad device is mapped in JioMoney systems to your account. Hence, no one will be able to use the device in any other store. In case of lost mPOS pinpad, please contact JioMoney merchant care to report.

Settlement related

What should I do if I'm not receiving my settlements?
  • Login to the JioMoney Merchant Mobile App or Merchant web portal
  • Check if the settlement information given on your profile is the same as the one you are checking for receipt of settlement funds from JioMoney
  • If the settlement account is different, please edit the 'Settlement Information' on the App or portal
  • If the settlement information given on the page is correct, then check your bank account or JioMoney account statement for any transaction from 'JioMoney' or 'RPSL' or 'Reliance Payment Solutions'

I believe that I have received partial or incorrect settlement in my account?
  • Login to the JioMoney Merchant Mobile App or Merchant web portal
  • Visit the ‘Transactions’ section on the App, or the ‘Report Section’ on the web portal
  • Filter the date of payments for which you have received incorrect settlement
  • Add the amount for all transactions which are tagged as ‘Success’
  • Check if the same amount post deducting your current commission has been deposited in your linked Bank Account or JioMoney Account6. Please note, that for fuel stations, incentive of 0.75% given as per Government guidelines will be deducted from the final amount settled
  • Please note, that for fuel stations, incentive of 0.75% given as per Government guidelines will be deducted from the final amount settled
  • If you have not received the same amount, contact us at JioMoney Merchant Care

Where Can I find out the settlement account where I will receive daily funds for my payments received from customers?
  • Visit the ‘My Profile’ section on the Merchant App, or 'Payments & Settlements' section on the web portal.
  • Check if the Settlement Information given on the page is correct
  • If the settlement account is incorrect, please edit the 'Settlement Information' on your Profile on the App or Web portal
  • If you want the settlement to happen to a Bank account, please upload a picture of proof of Bank account, which can be in the form of a cancelled cheque, Passbook or letter from the Bank, with your account number and name printed on it.
  • If the Settlement Information given on the page is correct, then check your Bank account or JioMoney account statement for any transaction from 'JioMoney' or 'RPSL' or 'Reliance Payment Solutions'

Do I have to do manual settlement for my account every day to get the funds for payments collected by me?
  • No, A Jio Money merchant doesn't need to initiate any manual settlement/batch closure from the app or web portal.
  • Based on your settlement timings, the system automatically performs settlement of all the transactions.


How can I issue refunds to my customers for any payments made by them using JioMoney?
  • You can issue refunds to your customers for any JioMoney payments using the JioMoney Merchant App or Web portal
  • Please note refunds can be performed upto the value of any successful transaction performed using JioMoney

Can I cancel a refund?
  • Once a transaction is refunded, it cannot be reversed
  • In such cases, you need to carry out a new Sale transaction

What should I do if I’m unable to refund an amount to my customer?

Please ensure the below before initiating any refund transaction:

  • Check if the transaction which you are trying to refund was successful
  • Check if the refund amount is less than or equal to the transaction amount
  • In case you have been enrolled as a user or a store by some other JioMoney Master Merchant, please check with the master merchant, if he has granted access to refund transactions to your account.

What should I do if refund is not credited in my customer’s account?
  • 1. For any refund transactions, refund amount will be deducted from any pending settlements in your account
  • 2. If there are no pending settlements, the refund will be on hold
  • 3. The refund will be processed, when any other customer makes a payment to you for amount greater than or equal to the settlement amount
  • 4. Eg: You have collected a payment worth Rs. 100 on 1st March from your customer X using JioMoney. On 2nd March, the amount is settled and transferred to your Bank account, or JioMoney Account. After 1st march, no other customer has paid you using JioMoney. On 3rd March, if you try to refund the Rs. 100 to customer X, the transaction will be on hold, as there is no pending settlement from which this Rs. 100 can be given to the customer. Now, another customer Y comes and pays you on 4th March for Rs. 100. On 5th March, customer X will receive the Rs. 100 refund, and you will receive Rs. 0 settlement in your Bank Account.